Whether you’re a seasoned driver or just got your license, there would be times when you’d have to rely on a tow truck service to get you out of trouble. It might be because of a flat tyre, or you ran out of fuel or got involved in a vehicular accident. 

While you wait for the towing service, make the most out of your time to ensure a smooth and easy process. 

Make sure your car is parked safely.

If you encounter a problem in the middle of the road, it’s best to pull over to prevent accidents. Make sure you’re not blocking the flow of traffic to avoid disrupting other drivers. If your engine malfunctioned, you’d have to push your car off the road. You should also turn your hazard lights on to increase your car’s visibility, which is especially important if it’s nighttime. 

Get identification from the tow truck service provider you called.

As a security measure, get the name of the tow truck driver dispatched to you as well as the plate number of the tow truck. This will make verification of the tow truck and the driver easier for you. Here at Allout Towing, we strive to be open and honest to our customers. Ask questions and our team will gladly answer! 

Get your valuables.

Chances are your car needs repairs, and you’ll have to leave it at the shop for a specific duration. So remember to get all the valuables you store in your car, such as your wallet, phone and such. Having your stuff ready to go can also speed up the process when the tow truck finally arrives. 

Find yourself in need of an emergency tow truck service? 

Allout Towing is here to help you out! We provide roadside assistance throughout WA and Perth, as well as transport for all types of vehicles and machinery. Contact us at 0418 959 216. Our line is open all day, every day!