It’s not unusual to encounter car problems every once in a while. After all, the older your car gets, the more numerous wear and tear parts in your vehicle. In spite of being committed to your maintenance schedules, there is still that possibility you’ll find yourself on the side of the road and in need of a tow truck service.

But first, how do you know which tow truck is best suited for your car? Here are some aspects a towing company will consider:


If you’re stuck in a narrow location, like an underground parking lot, bigger tow trucks wouldn’t be able to get to you. A flatbed towing service is impossible to squeeze through because of its size. For small spaces like this, your chosen towing company will most probably send out a wheel lift tow truck instead.

Type of vehicle

Not all tow trucks can handle every type of vehicle. This is why upon request of a towing service, providers will ask for all your vehicle details. This includes its maker and model. It’s also important to let them know its gear type, as 4WDs and AWDs are more complex to tow than a 2WD.

Vehicle problem

Do you have blown out tires? Is your car wrecked? Are the wheels still movable? Is your gear stuck perhaps? While you may not be an expert, it’s important that you share with your towing service providers the state of your vehicle. By not giving this information, you risk waiting more hours due to being sent with an unsuitable tow truck and equipment

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