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Vintage & classic car transport

With over 30 years of experience in the towing industry, Allout Towing knows the nuts and bolts of vintage car transport.  Our team are all car enthusiasts, so we understand that your classic car is your pride and joy. This is why we have many regular customers who use us time and time again.

Top Quality Standards of Care

Allout Towing understands the importance of ensuring that vintage and classic cars are fully protected during transportation. Relocation cars need to be safe from impacts, scratches, and carefully secured while on the road.

Allout Towing makes sure that your car is fully secured in our car carriers. We provide them with an appropriate level of protection for your vintage car during transportation. Our expert drivers will take good care of your car at all stages of transportation, including loading and unloading.

Safety needs for valuable vehicles may vary considerably, depending on the size, type, and vintage of the car. Larger vehicles, for example, may need extra fortification, covers, and similar protective measures. Some vehicles may need tilt tray towing, which is a very efficient and safe method of loading and unloading valuable vehicles.


Talk to Our Experts About Your Prestige Car Towing Needs

If you need a vintage or classic car transportation, come talk to us. We have years of experience in vehicle relocation, including high-value and vintage cars, and are happy to provide any services you need.

Whether you need your vehicle transported for restoration, or to one of our great country car shows, call our experienced team for good care of your vehicle. Call or chat with us online about your needs. Ask us about transportation and insurance, and we will make sure your valuable vintage car receives quality care.