Towing Service in Car Insurance

Being stranded in the middle of the road is a major hassle. Whether it’s because of an accident or a vehicle breakdown, you want to ensure that your vehicle can be brought to your home or to an auto repair shop safely and efficiently. Good thing that road assistance in WA that includes towing is a typical add-on in most car insurance policies! 

Depending on your policy, your insurance company can send a tow truck service provider your way to sort your car out. You may ask your insurer how the towing will be handled, whether you would have to pay out of pocket and later get reimbursed, or whether the tow truck service can send the bill to the insurance company instead. 

Here at Allout Towing, we have partnered with major insurance companies to streamline the process for you. Upon request, we can bill your insurer directly to make it more convenient for you.

Why should you get a towing service included with your policy?

Having a towing service included in your policy can keep you from being stuck on the road in case of unforeseen events. It saves you not only time but also money as well in the long run. 

24/7 Towing

Day or night, it’s not safe to be stuck or stranded on the road. There are lots of factors that can make the situation worse, such as bad weather or even more vehicles being involved as you wait for help. 

With Allout Towing, this won’t be a problem! We can quickly dispatch a tow truck equipped with the proper tools to get you and your vehicle to a safe place. Our team is on-call round the clock to respond to your towing needs anywhere in Perth.

Peace of mind

When you’re driving, it’s important to be calm and collected. But sometimes there’s the fear of what to do if you do get in an accident or if you encounter other roadside issues. It’s why it’s important that you know you have a trusted tow truck service provider you can rely on to get you out of your jam. 

The Allout Towing crew will make sure you get the help you need immediately. We offer services you can count on, and we won’t keep you waiting!

Are you in need of an emergency tow truck service? 

Allout Towing is here for you. We provide industry-leading tilt tray tow truck service throughout Perth and WA, as well as transport for all types of vehicles and machinery. Contact us at 0418 959 216. Our line is open all day, every day!