Tips When Driving In Wet Weather

Hitting the road in wet weather can be a bit disheartening. It presents more of a challenge, after all, and sometimes you’d rather snuggle inside your home and let the rains pass before venturing out. But there are times when it’s inevitable for you to drive and brave the weather, which is why it’s best that you’re prepared and ready for the eventuality. Should you need it, you also have to know where you can get road assistance in WA to minimise your trouble.

Here are some tips on dealing with driving in wet weather.

Prepare your vehicle beforehand.

Before driving anywhere in wet weather, you have to make sure that your vehicle is equipped to make the trip in the first place. Check that your brakes are responsive. Make sure that your tyres have treads ideal for wet, slippery roads. Your tyres should also have proper pressure to avoid aquaplaning. Your windscreen should be clean and clear as well; rains already decrease visibility, and dirty windscreens will lower it even more.

Slow down.

It might seem obvious, but it’s an important reminder: drive slowly when driving in wet weather. Roads are more slippery and reaction times are slower; you have to adjust your speed to make up for these factors. Be especially mindful of curves. Steer and brake carefully and lightly and maintain only mild pressure on the brake pedal.

Make your vehicle visible.

Turn your headlights to low beam to increase your visibility (as it’s easier to see in the fog with low beams) and to make your car visible to other drivers.

Remember the space.

Increase the space between you and the other vehicle. It’s best to double the distance between you and the car in front of you or to allow a six-second gap. This will help in braking; unlike in dry conditions, it will take longer for vehicles to stop on wet roads.

It also helps to use the road markings to stay within your lane, as maintaining the correct position the road is even more important when it’s raining.

Keep your cool.

If you find yourself aquaplaning, don’t panic. Don’t slam on the brakes nor turn suddenly as your car could be thrown to a skid. Instead, ease your foot off the accelerator until the car slows down and you can feel balanced on the road again. If you need to brake, do it lightly and gently.

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