Preparing for a long drive isn’t that difficult as long as you know what to do. By properly checking your car, you can immediately address its problems and have a worry-free trip.

Here’s a list of things to check to lessen the chances of needing a tow truck service in the middle of nowhere:


A dead battery can get you stuck. So before you set out to your destination, have it checked by a trusted mechanic to make sure its clean, has a strong charge, and not anywhere near the end of its service life.


Busted lights can get you in trouble, especially when driving at night. These are made so you can inform other drivers of your car’s movement. This way, they can slow down or give way if needed. So don’t forget to inspect all your car’s lights thoroughly, including your headlights, reverse lights, brake lights, and turn signals.


A car’s engine should have enough oil to function. Checking your oil levels before you start the car would let you know if you need to refill or change entirely. Remember, if you have too little, you’d be winding up stuck on the road and an expensive repair bill to pay.


You may have watched enough movies to know that smoke coming out of the hood means a car is overheating. How to prevent it? Check your radiator’s water or coolant levels and add more if needed. 


Your brakes give your vehicle the ability to slow down and safely stop. Checking if it properly works can help you address any problem with it before your trip. Always be mindful of any squeaking or grinding noise because it can be a sign that your brake pads need to be replaced.


It’s important that your tyres are always properly inflated. It can be hard to see if your tyres are losing pressure unless it’s already flat, so make sure to have it checked every day. This way, you can prevent any punctures from worsening.


Running out of fuel is certainly troublesome. Save yourself from the hassle of walking to the nearest petrol station or requesting for roadside assistance in WA by filling up your fuel tank.

Owning a car is a big responsibility. It’s not enough that you regularly maintain. While maintenance can be a huge factor in safety, so is your driving. As someone on the wheel, you are responsible for keeping yourself safe as well as passengers and other motorists on the road with you.

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