In spite of proper car maintenance, there may be an instance where you’d encounter an unexpected problem like finding yourself stuck on the road late at night. Being stranded at night can be quite worrisome for those who are alone and unaware of what to do. While roadside assistance in WA should be the first thing to come to mind, it’s very important to be equipped with the right know-how and emergency preparedness for such situations. 

Listed below are some you need to keep in mind:

Remain in your vehicle

If you don’t have a safe and well lit place to park your car, then by all means, stay inside. Ensuring your and your passenger’s safety by keeping off the road should be a priority, especially at night.

Assess your situation

Check on your companions for any injuries that need immediate attention. After confirming the need for medical assistance, call emergency services. You should also evaluate the state of your car. Are you blocking any incoming traffic? If it’s a flat tire, is it something you can fix without any help? Make decisions based on these before calling in a tow truck service.

Conserve your batteries

Using your hazard lights for too long can lead to a drained car battery. Prevent this by having other means to warn other motorists. You may use an early warning device or LED flashers. This also applies to your mobile phones as these are your only means of communication. It’s also advisable to always have a power bank handy.

Ask for assistance from pros

Should the car problem be too complex for you to handle, call in the pros! Allout Towing provides the best towing service in Perth and WA. All you have to do is contact 0418 959 216. Lines are open to give you the assistance you need 24/7!