Despite how carefully you take care of your vehicle, there will be instances when it will experience some issues that will require you to pull over. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to ignore the signs of vehicle trouble, only to later be stuck on the road because you didn’t pull over early enough.

Here are some signs of vehicle trouble you should watch out for. When you observe any of these in your vehicle, immediately pull over. Contact a reliable tow truck service to get your car out of being stuck on the road. 

Steam or smoke appearing

There’s nothing more alarming than seeing steam or smoke appearing where it absolutely shouldn’t be. In cars, steam or smoke coming from the hood means something is surely wrong. Usually, it involves a failure in the cooling system, resulting in overheating and can potentially cause extreme damage to the engine.  

When you see smoke or steam billowing from your car’s hood, pull over and contact roadside assistance at once.

Sudden loud noises

When driving, you sometimes encounter loud noises that may be caused by a number of reasons. Maybe you ran over a piece of junk or debris, causing it to rattle. But if you hear something loud coming from the car itself, it might be wise to pull over instead of continuing on your way. Pop your hood and take a quick look at your engine. If you think there’s a problem, call for assistance immediately. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.

Shaking in the steering wheel

Shaking in the steering wheel may indicate a flat tyre, which causes the steering wheel to feel unbalanced. When the tyre goes flat while you’re driving, you would feel a slight tremble and hear a loud flapping noise. You should pull over and stop a car immediately when these happen.

Find yourself in need of an emergency tow truck service? 

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