Are you a car owner that just got back to your residence in Perth? With the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, the Emergency Management Act has been enforced in Western Australia. Under this act, travellers are mandated to undergo a 14-day self-isolation. Those who violate are to get penalized with a $50,000 fine or face jail time.

With your car bound to get stuck for several days, remember these tips to keep your car running and avoid any need for roadside assistance in WA.

Cover it up

Don’t have a garage? Secure your vehicle with an appropriate weatherproof car cover to avoid too much exposure. There are numerous damaging external elements like the rain, UV rays, and even something as simple as dust.

Keep it clean

Dust, tree sap, and even bird droppings can affect your paint job. Before you store your car, make sure to clear it all off. 

Start your car every day

Avoid having battery problems once your self-quarantine ends! Keep your car’s battery charged by starting it up every day and letting it run for about 5 to 10 minutes. If you think you won’t be able to do so, the best thing to do is either ask someone to do it for you or disconnect the battery cables.

Maintain your tyres

When a car is left stationary for a long period of time, risk of getting flat spots are high. A flat spot is a badly worn section of a tyre tread which results in noticeable vibrations when driven. Secure this part by making sure it is properly inflated with its corresponding tyre pressures, or better yet, taking off the wheels and placing your vehicle on jack stands.

Prepare a list of trusted service providers

Whether it’s your mechanic, insurance, or the preferred tow truck service, it’s important to know who are the service providers you can count on. List down their contact information in case you would need it.

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