Risks of car crashes and vehicular accidents increase in hot weather. Before you embark on a summer roadtrip, you should first ensure that you pack the essentials in your emergency kit. And if you find yourself stuck on the road, call Allout Towing to provide you with road assistance in WA. We’ll dispatch a properly equipped tow truck to bring you to safety. 

Whether you’re driving in the city, in the suburbs or on a winding desert road, be adequately prepared for when an emergency strikes. Here are the items you shouldn’t leave without when driving.

First aid kit

You never know when you’ll need a first aid kit, which is why it’s important that you have it on hand. If you injure yourself while out and about or when attending to a vehicle issue, at least you’ll have it easily accessible. A good first aid kit typically contains antiseptic skin swabs, alcohol swabs, tweezers, sterile saline tubes/sachets, disposable resuscitation face shield, stop itch cream, disposable gloves, bandaids in different sizes and gauze swabs. Make sure to keep your first aid kit in a dry place in the car. 

Visibility kit

This is especially important when you’re driving at night. Stock your car with some highly reflective triangles to place around your vehicle. This will alert other vehicles that you’ve stopped. Investing in some road flares to help you be seen from at least a kilometre away is also a good idea. 

Spare tyre

This is essential in any car trip, not only during summers. You can have your car fitted out with a spare tyre compartment if you haven’t done it yet. Check on the spare tyre’s pressure every now and again to ensure that it’s still suitable to use. 

User manual

This may make you feel like a beginner driver, but that’s better than being stuck in an emergency with no idea what to do. You can use your user manual to troubleshoot your car’s problems and get information on how you can resolve its issues. The manual can also supply the needed information for when you’ve called for roadside assistance.


It’s never fun to be stuck in the dark especially in unfamiliar surroundings. Stock your car with a flashlight or two, as well as extra batteries to make sure you’ll have a source of light when you’re stranded at night.

Water and food

This might seem obvious but unfortunately, it’s still overlooked. Keep your car stocked with non-perishable food items like biscuits, trail mix and granola bars. Also make sure that there’s always at least one bottle of water per person on hand. 

Stuck and in need of an emergency tow truck service? 

If you find yourself stuck in the middle of the road, no need to worry! Help is only one call away. The Allout Towing team provides industry-leading tilt tray tow truck service throughout Perth and WA, as well as transport for all types of vehicles and machinery. 

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