What to Look Out for when Driving in Hot Weather

Rising temperatures and insanely hot weather could affect your driving. Indeed, engines overheat much quicker when it’s sunny outside, which could potentially lead to you being stranded or stuck in the middle of the road. To prevent this from happening, here’s what to look out for and monitor when you’re driving in hot weather.

The temperature gauge

Keep an eye on the temperature gauge. Whilst it may seem too much of a hassle as you’re focusing on the road, it may well help you keep out of trouble. When you see that it is rising, you can make adjustments and take precautions. 

The battery

Cold weather can spell trouble on your battery, but the heat can be just as vicious. Before heading out, make sure to clean corrosion off the battery terminals if there’s any. Also, secure all connections as well as check that the battery is securely mounted and that the battery cable won’t be prone to shaking loose. If you have an old battery, it might be best for you to replace it with a new one. It’s a less expensive option than having your car repaired when it breaks down due to battery failure.

The cooling system

Regularly flush and replace your car’s coolant. Top off the fluid in your cooling system when you notice it has dropped, especially before driving. Keep an extra supply of fluid for emergencies too. Make sure that all the radiator hoses are connected securely, as well as replace any spongy hose before it burst.

The tyres

Weak, under-inflated tyres are vulnerable to heat, and so are over-inflated ones. Keep your tyre inflation to the proper levels to prevent excessive friction and bursting. Keep a spare tyre with you just in case.  

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