Boat towing is a nice way to make the most of your boating adventures. Aside from availing tilt tray services, you may be inspired to do this on your own. However, executing this unprepared is not without its consequences. One mistake could result in unfavourable incidents on the road with other vehicles.

So before you decide on what arrangement you want to go for, here are the things you should consider about boat towing:


For beginners, it would be smart to talk to a boat towing expert and create a checklist. This could help anticipate challenges and prevent oversights along the way. You may include accomplishing legal requirements first, then setting up equipment like an actual boat towing service. Take note of driving reminders from experienced professionals too, like how to avoid swaying or how to reduce brake strain when travelling downhill.


Determine your boat’s Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) through your vehicle’s Owner Manual. Don’t overload and exceed your GCWR to avoid the risk of damaging your tow vehicle and trailer. Consider that your boat trailer might still have fishing gear, safety tools, motor, fuel, and other items that can add more weight. For a more accurate estimate, have your trailer and load weighed at a public scale or weighbridge in your area.


Having a cool disposition is key for safe trailering. Technically, towing a boat is just like drivingexcept with a much heavier baggage that could potentially sway. As you know, towing results in decreased acceleration and braking performance and this reduces ease of manoeuvre. Therefore, the driver needs to be someone with strong control, presence of mind, and increased patience. 


Seek the help of your trailer or vehicle dealer for maintenance from time to time. See if your tyres, wheel bearings, suspension and axles, brakes, lights, and other parts are in great condition. Don’t hesitate to ask about cracking, corrosions, and other deformations on your equipment to evaluate how often these parts need to get checked. 

Overall, successfully towing a boat comes from sufficient research and practice. But in case you need the best towing service throughout WA and Perth right now, contact Allout Towing’s team today by calling 0418 959 216.