Staying in during the pandemic is still, by far, the safest way to be. In an ideal world, most people wouldn’t go outside at all. However, there are still instances when we need or want to leave the house. Don’t fret, for there are ways to remain careful while on the road. For unexpected car problems, you may get reliable roadside assistance throughout WA and Perth. In addition, here are some road towing tips while you’re keeping safe from COVID-19:

Choose mode of transpo wisely

It’s easier to keep safe when you’re driving alone on the road. But if you’re planning to go on a trip with your family or friends, you might opt for a caravan or a camper trailer instead. The major difference lies in your need to go off-road. Either way, amenities for sleeping, cooking, or going to the loo should be covered here. The fewer reasons you have to go out, the better.

Map your routes well

Should emergencies occur, it’s wise to get a good grasp of your potential locations and surrounding areas. Being aware of crossroads and landmarks would especially be helpful for towing a caravan. Plan ahead to make the solving process later more seamless. This minimises unnecessary contact with other people as well.

Plan your itinerary

Phone possible restaurants, hotels, or other establishments you’ll be going to ahead of time. Have a Plan B or C for almost every option. And while you’re at it, ask about their health and safety protocols. This isn’t really a great time for surprises, and planning your day ahead will not only save yourself but also your company from frustrations.

Sanitize all the time

Be extra careful of public areas and other people. Mind the facilities you use and sanitize what you touch. Remember to store sanitizers in a cool place or away from direct sunlight too. Choose large, open spaces to maintain social distancing for at least 6 feet from others. Note that some places would have specialised rules so try to follow accordingly. This is challenging, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Prepare for other emergencies too

COVID-19 and other troubles on the road aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s best to prepare for all kinds of disasters as much as possible. If your car suddenly breaks down or you get to an accident, waiting on the road for a long time in the middle of nowhere isn’t very ideal. In addition, you may want to select a towing service provider who can also bill your insurance company directly. Planning for efficiency works wonders. 

Going out and about is still not recommended these days. However, it helps to know what to do during emergencies. Good thing for you, there’s a 24/7 Perth towing service you can rely on. Get immediate help by calling 0418 959 216 and save yourself from all the trouble.