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Tow Truck Fleet

A silver car shown being towed and recovered after an accident
One of Allout Towing's latest, state-of-the-art and fully insured towing model, the Hino Tilt Trays
Allout's white tow truck towing red lifting euipment on the street

Ready to tackle any size tow truck job

At Allout towing we have a tow truck for every occasion.  Our modern fleet is capable of handling all towing jobs and we are only a phone call away.

  • 2 underground access Ford regular F350’s with a height restriction of 2.2 metres.
  • 2 Hino tiltslide with second car pick up 7 metre tray and 4.5 tonne pick up.
  • 1 Hino tiltslide with third car pick up with 10 metre tray and 10 tonne capacity.
An old white damaged car being towed by Allout's towing service
The tilt tray two truck in action, towing a blue car
Truck towing another white truck denoting that Allout is prepared to tackle towing job of any size