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Tow Truck Fleet

Allout Towing wouldn’t be able to provide the high quality services that we do if we didn’t have a top of the line fleet. Our fleet of tow trucks and equipment are in excellent condition. We don’t settle for anything less than the best, and we guarantee our tow truck fleet is up to any task that comes our way.

Best Team, Best Equipment

Our team of towing experts is responsible for the excellent condition of our entire fleet. We provide regular maintenance checks and repairs to ensure they’re safe on the roads and reliable when we’re called out to help. They’re built for vehicle towing services and well equipped for any roadside assistance that’s required. Our team works 24/7 to provide you with safe and reliable services, and that starts with a safe and reliable tow truck fleet.

A silver car shown being towed and recovered after an accident

Our Trucks

We have a tow truck for every occasion at Allout Towing. Our modern fleet is capable of handling all towing jobs that come our way when the phone rings.

  • We have two underground access Ford Regular F350s with a height restriction of 2.2 metres and the ability to tow any vehicle that’s needing to be taken off the road or transported from one location to another.
  • We have two tilt slide trucks with a second car pick up and a seven-metre tray. These trucks have a 4.5 tonne weight capacity and are ideal for a variety of vehicle transport needs, including classic car transport and abandoned car removal.
  • We have one tilt slide with a third car pick up and a 10-metre tray. This truck has a 10-tonne capacity and is ideal for heavy machinery transport and multi-car transport loads.

24/7 Services

Our entire fleet of top-quality tow trucks is available 24/7, making us the ideal team to call in case of emergency.


Want to Learn More About Our Fleet?

Our team at Allout Towing are happy to answer any questions regarding our premium transport fleet. To get a free quote, call our friendly team on 0418 959 216 or get in touch with us online.