Even if you are a car newbie, it’s important to know how to properly maintain a car. Even car experts can’t dismiss the benefits of following proper car maintenance schedules and procedures. By being attentive to your vehicle, you don’t only increase its life span but also save a lot of money.

Read below some of the essential maintenance tips you need to keep in mind:

Check on your air filter

From the name itself, the air filter filters the air in order to prevent dirt or any particles entering your car’s engine. To know when you should replace it, check your car’s manual. You can even save up on cost by changing it yourself.

Have your tyres rotated, aligned, and balanced

Tyres are more often than not put aside when it comes to car maintenance. This puts drivers, passengers, as well as others at risk. Imagine how many blown-out tyres have resulted in accidents on the road. With this in mind, have your tyres rotated, aligned, and balanced periodically.

Inspect your brakes

Your car’s braking system includes various parts like the brake fluid and brake pads. All these work together to safely put a car to a stop. Before you go on a drive, make sure nothing is amiss. Pay attention to leaks or any grinding noises as these must be addressed immediately.

Keep your engine bay clean

Aside from maintaining your engine’s performance, cleaning its exterior can help you keep an eye out for debris, leaks, and even wear and tear parts due for replacement. 

Find a trusted tow truck service

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