Finding yourself in need of roadside assistance? It’s always good to already have one in mind or on your phone. After all, a tow truck service is more complex than just pulling your vehicle from the side of the road. It involves many factors, which should always be considered to avoid any further mishaps. This is also why it’s best to have a trusted towing company to help you out during these times.

Here are the most common towing mistakes to look out for:

Exceeds towing capacity

A professional towing service would always ask the type of your vehicle before proceeding to send out a tow truck to your location. This way, the towing company can secure your vehicle to avoid any further damage to it, as well as their assets. If a truck was sent out without asking this vital information, then feel free to choose another service.

Drives with under-inflated tires

Under-inflated tires can lead to serious dangers and accidents. As tires as the only thing that touches the road, towing experts know how tires play an important role in safety. Before heading out, tow truck drivers must ensure their truck’s tire pressure is at an equal and optimum level.

No safety chains and devices

For best practice, safety chains and other devices (such as ratchet tie-downs) are used by towing professionals. This serves as an added security for a vehicle should there be a bump on the road or any hinge malfunctions to occur. Safety chains and other safety devices will keep the tow truck and vehicle connected while on transport.

In need of a professional towing service?

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