Common Causes Of Road Accidents

Accidents on Australian roads can be commonly attributed to dangerous driving behaviours. Though it may sound disheartening, it also means that it can be fixed by correcting those behaviours. Indeed, most accidents could have been avoided if the drivers drove more smartly and paid more attention to the rules. Aside from being informed of the road laws, drivers should also know where to get road assistance in WA in case they do become involved in accidents.

So what are the most common causes of road accidents?

Driving under the influence

Driving under the influence (DUI) is hardly a surprising cause of road accidents, unfortunately. How many news reports have you heard of a drunk driver crashing into unsuspecting pedestrians or causing multiple car crashes? Too many. In fact, a total of 30% of fatal crashes in Australia is caused by driving under the influence.

A blood alcohol level of 0.04 can severely impair your reflexes, muscle control, and coordination. Since alcohol also lowers your inhibitions, you are much more likely to make impulsive decisions as well, such as, say, suddenly braking or turning without warning. A higher blood alcohol level leads to blurred vision and decreased light sensitivity and changes in depth perception.

Simply put, alcohol strips you of the ability to drive safely and effectively whilst also increasing your propensity to engage in risky behaviour.


According to SBS, “The average Australian driver is distracted every 96 seconds by something other than the primary task of driving.” This distraction leaves the driver unable to respond to signals to which attention should be paid, thus leading to vehicle crashes. Distractions include eating or drinking whilst driving, getting an item from a compartment, answering a phone call, trying to make eye contact with a passenger to hold a conversation, and even interacting with the navigation system.


Speeding or going above the speed limit makes up 32% of fatalities during car crashes in WA. Drivers interpret “speeding” as “driving at high speed”, whilst going even a little bit over the limit can already quite easily cause fatal accidents to occur. Speeding makes braking harder and lessens the reaction time for abrupt turns and sudden curves. Speeding also increases your impact upon crashing, rising the possibility of greater physical stress.

Making small changes to your driving behaviour can make a difference between life and death. Being careful and smart about your driving is paramount for a safe trip.

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