Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are known for their versatility. If you have a boat, you may want an SUV with great towing power. And with improvements built on boats every year, you want your car to keep up. There are distinct benefits per SUV size. But perhaps because of adequate engine power, spacey interior, and off-road ability, you’ve decided that a midsize SUV would be best for you. 

While you could always get the best towing service here in Perth, you could also go for a car upgrade. Here’s a guide in choosing the best midsize SUV for boat towing:

Evaluate your needs

How much SUV towing power do you need? Decent medium SUVs have a usual towing capacity of around 2,300 kg to 3,500 kg. Compare midsize SUV models based on their price, engine, torque, and the like. 

Is your initial budget around or over $30,000? It’s also helpful to have a workable weight estimate of your SUV, passengers, luggage, boat, and trailer. This way, you can make room for manoeuvre to avoid going over your SUV’s capacity. 

Weigh out your options

Consider other attributes too. For example, competent midsize SUVs often showcase great trailer sway control as one of their best features. This is a great assurance for ease of use and safety. However, be sure that you’re not missing out on tradeoffs as well. Some SUVs may offer more interior legroom in exchange for lower towing capacities. Set a criteria that’s most practical for your current and long-term needs.

Talk to experts

Sometimes, SUV buyers aren’t exactly car enthusiasts. On top of that, many cars today are overpowered with wordy technical details. If your initial research feels insufficient, look for car specialists. Car experts help translate complex features so you can properly decide what’s practical. Perhaps a family member or a friend can give you a good referral. This lessens the chances of you wasting time and money.

Ultimately, you want to ensure your towing process is more convenient and more risk-free. Owning an SUV perfect for the job is a great investment. But in times of need, Allout Towing is available 24/7 to provide you top quality boat towing service in Perth. Ease out your worries today by contacting Allout’s expert team.