Getting caught up with bushfire on the road is a life-threatening experience. It’s not an incident one can take lightly as it can cause serious injuries and casualties. With this in mind, it’s important to be updated on these happenings and be prepared with an emergency kit. 

While road assistance in WA can be helpful should you find yourself stuck, bushfires are unpredictable. It’s important to put your safety first by knowing the following:

Evacuate before it’s too late

Don’t wait until it gets worse. As soon as the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) has given a warning, pack your things and prepare to leave. Time is of the essence when facing these disasters.

U-turn to safety

Don’t even think about trying to pass through areas with bushfire. As soon as you see a sign of fire and smoke, turn back to safety.

Find a safe place to park

If you find yourself caught in a bushfire area, do not get out. While it’s bad to go through burning areas, going outside of the car is not advisable. Instead, stay inside and find a dirt track to pull over at.

Avoid vegetation

Dry long grasses and scrubs have the tendency to spread the fire. Steer clear from these. Rather, find shelter behind a solid structures like a bus shelter.

Prep your car

Close all windows and vents to prevent smoke from coming in. Also, turn on your car’s hazard lights and headlights to inform other vehicles of your presence. 

Ready your emergency kit

Always have drinkable water ready in your car emergency kit. In times like these, water is important to keep you from getting dehydrated. A woolen blanket can also help you from getting your skin exposed to fire hazards and its harmful effects.

This year, Australia had an early bushfire season, affecting numerous states and people. Researchers have also found that the fire conditions were unlike any past incidents. It’s also said that the conditions these fires bring today are different and worse in more ways than one. Being prepared for these kinds of incidents will increase your chances of survival.

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