All about that trailer-boater life? Apart from the flexibility trailerable boats provide, it’s convenient, especially if you plan on exploring different bodies of water. You also have a choice to either hook it to your own vehicle or avail the best and most affordable boat towing service you can get.

Still, in spite of all the fun this adventure offers, there are a couple of dos and don’ts both newbies and veterans must always keep in mind.

The Dos

Perform a pre-tow safety inspection

As they always say, better safe than sorry. Avoid getting into any unfortunate accidents by inspecting your vehicle, your trailer, and other components before hitting the road. Check whether your wheels, tires, and brakes are safe for travel. Lights, cables, as well as your load should be secured. If you’re unsure of what to check, you may refer to this list or simply let the best towing service assist you on it.

Take tons of practice

It takes more than experiencing it once to master driving with a boat trailer. However, if you’re decided on perfecting how to maneuver it, practice as much as you can on an empty space or a parking lot.

Make wide turns

Avoid clipping a curb by taking extra-wide turns with your boat trailer. Remember, you have a couple of extra feet behind you.

Leave extra stopping distance

Regular cars are always advised to leave space between them and the vehicles in front. For vehicles with attached trailers, however, it’s mandatory. By doing so, you can avoid being tangled in a dangerous situation called jackknifing. This is when a vehicle and its trailer forms an L or V shape after getting out of sync.

The Don’ts


While time is of the essence, there’s no need to rush. In driving your boat trailer, it’s important that you take your time – more so if you’re a beginner. Remember, safety should be a top priority in all the adventures you take!

Ignore any swaying feeling

There are times where you may feel a strong gust of wind while driving. These winds may cause you to sway. Once you feel this, take your foot off the gas. This will help minimize the swaying. If it persists, stop to check the trailer’s tongue weight and adjust according to what’s recommended.

Forget to check the trailer’s wheel hubs

A trailer’s wheel hubs says much about the condition of your vehicle and trailer. If it’s hot, this indicates a problem with your bearings. If it’s burning to the touch, postpone your trip until it’s looked at by a professional.

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