We have all hired a towing service at some point. It’s a useful service that can be used for accidents or just moving in general. But have you tried tilt tray services?

This method of towing uses a different type of truck to haul and move your vehicle. It’s a much better option, but a lot of people still don’t know what puts these trucks at an advantage.

Want to know the benefits of tilt tray trucks? Keep reading below.

Fast & Efficient 

Traditional tow trucks take a lot of time, performance-wise. From the actual towing to transporting the vehicle, it is considerably slower than the other models. 

With modern technology, the tray uses hydraulic energy to lower the rear edge like a ramp. From there, you can immediately load or unload an oversized load. It’s a quick and easy way as opposed to using hooks and chains.


Sometimes, even excellent driving skills isn’t enough. Other tow trucks don’t have built-in safety measures or have already worn down from years of use!

Surprisingly, tilt trays are just as safe as they are quick. This type of truck has been made to safely tow and transport the heaviest of goods such as shipping containers.

Good for Value

Are you looking for a good investment? If you’re in the logistics industry, you’d probably search for something that lasts long enough to use it in a lot of ways.

With tilt trays, you won’t even have to worry about those things. This type of truck is perfectly designed for moving AWD & 4-wheel drive vehicles as well as boats, buses, caravans or even heavy machinery.

Tilt trays are always on-demand because they are high-quality, industry-leading investments. If you’re looking to hire one, make sure to check out All Out Towing.