Spring is the perfect time for adventuring and going on road trips. Sometimes, though, that means going through rough terrains that your car might not be ready for. You might find your car stuck in the mud or sand, which could lead to massive headaches. You’re going to have to call for road assistance in WA to get you out of the bind.

Allout Towing will quickly dispatch a properly equipped tow truck to bring your vehicle to a safe place if you do find yourself stuck. Our team is always ready to assist with towing needs all around Perth.

Of course, you’d rather avoid having to call towing experts by preventing your car from being stuck in the first place. There are several tips you could follow to do so.

Inspect the path ahead.

If you think there’s a possibility of bad road conditions, get out of the car and check. Inspect the road for any possible hazards so that you can avoid them and plan a better route ahead. It’s also recommended that you stick to straight lines when driving on muddy or sandy paths. This is because driving in curves tends to get you stuck more easily.  

Deflate your tyres a bit.

Now, this might seem counterproductive, but deflating your tyres a little can help in better navigation of muddy or sandy roads. It gives your car better traction on such road conditions, keeping you safer. Once you’re back on the ideal road surface, remember to reinflate the tyres.

Drive steadily and keep your momentum.

When driving on paths where the risks of getting stuck are high, it’s best to drive slowly and steadily. Use higher gears to make it easier, but lower the throttle back when the wheels start spinning to let them regain traction. 

Avoid sudden brakes.

As much as possible, avoid using brakes at all when traversing an easy-to-get-stuck-in road. But if it can’t be helped, at least avoid braking suddenly. Sudden brakes can get you stuck in a rut that’s difficult to get out of. If you need to stop, simply slow down the car until it naturally comes to rest.

Stuck and in need of an emergency tow truck service? 

If you find yourself stuck in the middle of the road, no need to fret! Allout Towing is here for you. Our team provides industry-leading tilt tray tow truck service throughout Perth and WA, as well as transport for all types of vehicles and machinery. Contact us at 0418 959 216. Our line is open all day, every day, ready 24/7!