Driving at night can feel intimidating. Even to the best of drivers, a darker driving environment can increase the risk of accidents and other road inconveniences. So if you’re planning to do so, your safety would require more concentration and skills than it does at day. Being prepared for any of these unexpected incidents and having a trusted roadside assistance company in Perth or WA helps gain reassurance during potential car breakdowns and related setbacks. 

For you to build more confidence during night drives, here are 5 important tips to remember:

Drive in your best condition

It’s crucial that drivers are in their best physical and mental state. Studies have shown that sleepiness contributes to 20-30% of all casualties on the road. This makes sleep deprivation as fatal as alcohol intoxication. If you can’t help feeling tired, pull over for a while to rest. It is best to maintain alertness and fast reaction time in critical situations.

Plan your route

Minimise unexpected challenges by planning ahead of time. If you’re in for a long drive, plan for pit and fuel stops along the way. Check weather conditions and manage your schedule well, for you to get to your destination during the day. If possible, drive with a buddy who’s also knowledgeable of your route and who can substitute for you as well.

Maximise your vision

Before you hit the road, check your rearview mirror if it’s well-adjusted to your line of sight and would not hit other vehicles. Clean your windscreen and mirrors to get rid of dirt and other markings too. In addition, don’t stare directly at approaching headlights as this may dazzle your vision. Reduce the possibility of vision impairment in all aspects, for you to effectively keep an eye out for pedestrians, animals, and other obstacles in the dark.

Limit distractions

Avoid using your phone while driving. Assess and limit other distractions as well. If loud noise coming from music or shouting passengers can distract you, it is best to make a compromise early on. Ease your mind so you can focus on driving safely.

Pack extra supplies

In case of road emergencies, it is best to have supplies like food, water, fuel, flashlight, first aid, repair kit, and mobile power banks. Depending on where and how far you are from the main road, these essentials would relieve your frustrations while waiting for help to arrive. 

In the end, your safety behind the wheel depends on your cautiousness and common sense. For peace of mind while driving, follow these tips. For roadside assistance, on the other hand, contact the best 24/7 Perth City towing service provider today! Call 0418 959 216.