Trade jobs are often challenging because it requires expertise beyond examinations and certifications. To excel in this career, you must have the ability to do your work efficiently without supervision.

Car towing is an essential road service that many people rely on. Whether you had a road accident or just can’t get your car to start, towing services allow your vehicle to be transported safely.

If you offer tow truck service, chances are you might be one of the gravely affected businesses in light of the COVID pandemic.

Here are a few tips for towing professionals on how they can service customers safely.

Assess your health first before going back to work

The first person you should always look out for should be yourself. Before you’re ready to go out there and tow cars for a living, do yourself a favor, check your temperature first, and other existing symptoms before going back to the field.

Make sure to sanitize all equipment

Once you’ve ensured your fit to work, you should focus on your equipment. Due to the nature of the virus, everyone is encouraged to sanitize everything regularly. This also includes your office and the tools you work with.

Limit time and contact inside the vehicle

During these hard times, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Try to minimize exposure from your clients by limiting the time you spend inside the vehicle. You must also wear proper attire and avoid touching unnecessary items just to be sure.

Practice social distancing and avoid sharing

As a general rule, social distancing must be practiced by everyone at all times. You must only allow passengers to enter your vehicle if it’s necessary. You should also conduct a standard health check for anyone who will join the ride. Best of all, ensure that you’re far enough from other people and be careful when using other people’s items.

The pandemic has affected many businesses, but we Australians stay strong. We are all in this fight together, so we must look out for each other.

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